Proficiency Solutions

Rely on Microbiologics for your PT control materials

Proficiency providers and quality assurance/quality control managers share a common goal: to maintain the highest quality standards in the laboratories they serve and oversee. With more than 45 years of experience in developing innovative biological controls, Microbiologics provides leading solutions for proficiency testing. We combine our extensive microbiology expertise and advanced molecular technologies to provide comprehensive solutions that support your proficiency testing program. For details about the types of proficiency samples we offer, download our Proficiency Solutions Flyer.

Why Microbiologics?

  • High-quality, well-characterized microorganisms
  • Samples are shipped on time, ensuring a timely testing event
  • Customized, flexible programs
  • Broad range of control materials
  • Strains from leading culture collections, customer submitted strains, and additional strain material available upon request
  • Certificate of Analysis (C of As)
  • Custom labeling available
  • Susceptibility and statistical data available upon request
  • Microbiologics ships all over the world
  • Service multiple markets: Clinical, Food, Water, Beverage, Cannabis
  • The world’s best Technical Support and Customer Service

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